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Check out our Video series for young learners!

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Lesson 1

Children will learn: big/small, colors, wash hands, count 1-10, Write number 6, and toys.

Lesson 4

Children will learn: gongfu, baby shark, feelings, ocean creatures, on top/under

Lesson 7

Children will learn: You’re wonderful!, Corn song, Open/shut them, loud/soft, Where’s the watermelon?

Lesson 10

Children will learn: one more time, changes, clean teeth, wash face, comb hair, shark bus

Lesson 13

Children will learn: count 50-100, write mountain, Put into..bag, I love you

Lesson 16

Children will learn: Happy Birthday!, How old are you?, Peppa Pig, Make a pizza and wait.

Lesson 19

Children will learn: Months of the year, Halloween, Colors, Count by 10s, Count Jellybeans

Lesson 22

Children will learn: Thanksgiving, Months of the year, food, color-changing mouse, count 1-20

Lesson 28

Children will learn: Christmas, stocking, Christmas tree, Christmas food.

Lesson 2

Children will learn: 3 Little Pigs song , I love juice, clean teeth, count 1-10, Open/shut them

Lesson 5

Children will learn: trains, zoo animals, happy birthday, actions

Lesson 8

Children will learn: Where’s my friend? Spot, Chester the cat, Put the ball into the bag

Lesson 11

Children will learn: pull the turnip, float/sink, cook pancakes, action songs, gongfu

Lesson 14

Children will learn: counting 1-20, counting by 10s to 100, clothing, mermaid, little apple

Lesson 17

Children will learn: Peppa Pig, fruit, how much is it? take photos, fruit

Lesson 20

Children will learn: Halloween Baby Shark, Wiggle Groove, Big/small pumpkins, Happy Birthday

Lesson 23

Children will learn: Halloween, Thanksgiving food, Color-changing mouse, Clean teeth

Lesson 29

Children will learn: Christma,locations: inside, on top of, under, Twinkle twinkle

Lesson 3

Children will learn: colors, count cookies, write number 9, how old are you?, sorry/that’s ok

Lesson 6

Children will learn: Peppa Pig, like/don’t like, food, animals at the zoo

Lesson 9

Children will learn: daily routine, colors, and locations.

Lesson 12

Children will learn: making pancakes, phone call, 3 Little Pigs, Putting toys away.

Lesson 15

Children will learn: What’s the Weather/, Write big and mouth, I like Animals, Going to School

Lesson 18

Children will learn: dinosaurs, body parts, where is..? descriptions

Lesson 21

Children will learn: Wash hands, body parts/hurt, sorry, mouse and cat song, new goodbye song

Lesson 24

Children will learn: Happy Halloween Baby Shark, Weather – snow/clouds, George’s Birthday, Dinosaurs

Lesson 27

Children will learn: Thanksgiving, color-changing mouse, counting 1-20, counting by 10s, shapes, corn song