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Learning a new language is child’s play with Mandarin Superstars!

Our teaching methods are based on current research on how children learn best. We believe children learn a language most effectively when they are active learners and are excited to be discovering new things.

We use a variety of activities that promote curiosity and exploration that make learning Mandarin fun and effective. Our sessions use a format that is lively and proven to engage even the youngest child.


Total Immersion

At Mandarin Superstars, we create a total Chinese immersion environment for children (and their parents). We spend more than 60% of our class time talking and singing in Mandarin! We don’t spend class time memorizing flashcards or repeating phrases. Instead, we focus on developing careful listening skills and linguistic awareness.

Rhymes and Songs

Easy-to-learn Mandarin songs help our learners absorb common sound patterns and build up their vocabulary. Our rhyming games help our Mandarin Superstars learn words in the correct context.


Our young learners move, dance, clap hands, stomp feet, wave ribbons, and even fly in our classes (they are Superstars after all!). We incorporate movement into our program because children (and adults) learn languages faster when gestures are used because it creates a more complex representation of the words taught, which are then easier to retrieve.


We provide an interactive program full of fun that helps with a child’s language development. Puppets, hats, Chinese dragons (don’t worry, they’re friendly!) are just some of the ways we engage our young learners and encourage play. We also provide engaging take-home activities for children to further their Mandarin-learning journey.

Take-Home Materials

At the beginning of your child’s Mandarin Superstars journey, you’ll receive a flash drive full of each week’s songs. Take-home packets will also be given out at the conclusion of class that include crafts, mini flashcards and character tracing pages.