We bring the love of learning Mandarin to you!

Our 1-1 tutoring program for kids is perfect for busy parents and busy kids!

In our fast-paced lives, we believe parents love the flexibility to choose the day and time for classes each week. No need to travel to a location – we bring all learning materials to you!

How do I get started?

If you have a child/children, (18 months-9 years) you now can have a qualified instructor of Mandarin bring the joy of learning to your child.

We bring textbooks, materials, and fun flashcards that are suitable for your child’s age and ability. Your child will receive a folder, pencils and access to a podcast to review after the class. All materials and progress report will be available for parents to view after class.


Choose the best location @Home for classes or near your home. Other locations include: public library, cafe or in your own home.


We believe a minimum of 2 hours a week is essential for your child to develop excellent speaking, reading and writing skills in the Chinese language.

We offer 2 courses for children – 5 weeks and 10 weeks. The 5 week program is a total of 10 hours total and the 10 week program totals 20 hours of instruction.


Space is limited for all courses. Please complete the Registration Form and within 24 hours an email will be sent to you confirming your day, time and location of classes.

Sample 2 hour class:

10 minutes: Review of sentences/questions – ‘All About You’ theme

20 minutes: SPEAKING: New vocabulary and practice

30 minutes: READING: Recognition of Chinese characters / Reading

20 minutes: LISTENING: Song/Actions/Comprehension activities

30 minutes: Writing simple characters and sentences (mini-whiteboards or writing grids)

10 minutes: What did you learn? Review and Reflection

See more details of a 2-hour class.