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Looking for our current classes?

We are currently accepting children for our Spring 2021 program. Register here.

What’s Different About Mandarin Superstars?

This is no ordinary language classroom! Our Curriculum has clear learning outcomes that introduce children to themes each week. Our themes cover topics like Dinosaurs, My Body, Run, Jump, Stop, The Shark Family and lots more. After 5 weeks, your child will be able to recognize 25 Chinese characters and be able to converse easily at a beginner level.

Program Character List

At every session, children are exposed to 5 Chinese characters that are related to the theme we are exploring. Flashcards and games are used to review each character in a fun and effective way. These are just some of the characters to be learned during the program: 我,你,口,她,他,月,日,大,小,妈,爸,家,水,叫,拍, 一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,十,走,头,好,黄,红,蓝,白,黑,右,左,手,有,没有,是,上,下,雨,伞,山,木,再,见,耳朵,羊,人

Program Songs

Every session of Mandarin Superstars includes a Focus Song that introduces new content. The songs selected for the program are: 鲨鱼宝宝 (Baby Shark), 摸摸 (Touch, Point, Shake), 上下 (Up, Down), 一个土豆  (One Potato), 一二三四五跳  (1,2,3,4,5 Jump), 水果 (Fruit), 两只老虎 (2 Tigers), 一个拇指 (One Thumb), 走跳跑 (Walk, Jump, Run), 你好 再见 (Hello, Goodbye), Hokey Pokey, 生日快乐 (Happy Birthday), 找朋友 (Finding a Friend), 慢快 (Fast, Slow)

All parents will receive a flash drive of all songs used during sessions.

What Does A Typical Class Look Like? (Currently online classes only)

We start each session with a call to put on our superhero capes ready to learn Mandarin. We then start with a greeting song and warm up with some fun songs and games (all in Mandarin). Then it’s time to put on our magical sunglasses that help us read Chinese characters. We have a story time session that is related to the theme we are discovering and then finish off with Parachute Fun to review all new content.

Take-Home Materials

All children attending will receive Take Home activities that will reinforce their learning throughout the week. Activities include craft fun, a flash drive of songs, mini flashcards, and coloring/tracing characters.

Check out Parent Downloads to learn more about our program.